electric dirt bike
N1 electric dirt bike

Freego Natkie N1 Electric Mountain Dirt Bike

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E-Bike Model
Natkie N1
Price $ 3999
Max Speed Eco Mode: 35MPH; Sports Mode: 50MPH
Motor Power
4000W(Nominal), 8000W(Peak)
72V, 30AH(2160Wh)
Riding range 20-60Miles
19/19 Tire
Net weight
60kg (132lbs)
Max Load
120kg (265lb)
Package Weight
144*34*87cm, 50kg (110 lbs)
Transmission Gears
Single Gear
Brake Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc
Lights Dual LED Headlight
Recommended Height 4'11"-5'8"
Frame Material No. 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy



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79bike powerful moto

Powerful Motor

Natkie N1 custom motor powers your ride, with 8000W (peak) power and IP67 waterproof rating. This powerful motor is designed to unleash its power confidently and reliably in any environment. Whether facing challenging terrain or riding in varying weather conditions, Natkie N1 custom motors ensure unparalleled performance, allowing riders to push their limits with confidence. With cutting-edge technology and waterproof resilience, this motor enhances your riding experience, making every adventure an exciting exploration of power and endurance.


Powering the Natkie N1 electric motorcycle is the state-of-the-art LG INR21700 M50LT battery, delivering superior performance and reliability. This cutting-edge battery has a powerful 72V 35Ah capacity and can provide a maximum range of 95-120KM, allowing you to embark on long-distance travel with confidence. The use of LG's advanced technology demonstrates a commitment to quality and longevity, providing riders with a seamless, efficient electric riding experience. Elevate your adventures with Natkie N1, where innovation and endurance combine to create a riding experience that goes beyond your limits.

79bike super battery
79 bike rear suspension

Perfect SA

Introducing the cutting-edge electric motorcycle, Natkie N1, showcasing a revolutionary suspension system for an unparalleled riding experience. Effortlessly absorbing every bump and pothole, the Natkie N1 ensures a level of smoothness never experienced before. Its unmatched comfort redefines the pleasure of electric off-road riding. Glide through rough terrains with ease as the Natkie N1 advanced suspension system takes care of every undulation, providing a seamless and exhilarating journey. Experience the thrill of electric off-road riding like never before with the exceptional comfort and innovation of the Natkie N1.

Freego N1 light

Dual LED Headlight

Natkie N1 features a powerful dual-LED headlight system that gives you a clearer view on every ride. Whether you're driving city streets or exploring off-road trails, dual headlights provide bright and clear illumination, ensuring safer driving even in low-light conditions.

Freego N1 Tires

19/19 Tire

The Natkie N1 features a set of 19/19 tires designed for superior traction and control. These high-performance tires provide unparalleled grip. The balanced combination of size and tread pattern provides a smooth and controllable experience, making the Natkie N1 the The ideal companion for riders looking for versatility and reliability.

Freego N1 Hydraulic Disc

Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc

Natkie N1 advanced braking system features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. These hydraulic disc brakes are designed for optimal safety and precision. Superior control and reduced stopping distances ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, making Natkie N1 Be the first choice for those who prioritize electric motorcycle safety and performance.

Freego N1 Fork

MNT Suspension System

The Natkie N1 is equipped with the innovative MNT suspension system. This groundbreaking technology allows riders to fine-tune their suspension preferences to ensure a personalized and smooth riding experience.The MNT suspension system adapts to your riding style, providing optimal comfort and stability even when riding over rough terrain.

We've been manufacturing ebikes for 11 years and offer a 2-year warranty to ensure your bike keeps running.
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