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E10 pro electric scooterE10 pro electric scooter

E10 Pro Electric Scooter

Save On Gas, Riding With Ease
DK200 electric bike PCDK200 electric bike mobile

DK200 Electric Bike

Enjoy Long-range, All-terrain Unhindered Riding

24-Month Warranty

Enjoy a longer warranty to ensure our authenticity and reliability.

Free Fast Shipping

Free and fast shipping from U.S. local warehouse, 3-8 business days for delivery.

Quality Guaranteed

Brand factory design and development, multiple quality inspections.

Fast Return

Prompt and proficient problem solving and quick response to your requests.

Professionals Say

I thought the E10 Pro was a decent scooter with a comfortable ride.

—— Electric Revolution


Check out DK200 Ebike this bike has a range of 40 miles. The bike looks great.

—— EBPMAN Tech Reviews


While minimizing the impact on the environment, this brand brings the perfect range of electric Bikes and electric scooters to the USA. 

An ideal opportunity for students and busy professionals.

Freego prides itself on service excellence and continues to bring innovative designs year after year.

DK200 Electric Mountain Bike

20" fat tire electric bike with increased ground contact area for excellent traction, powered by a 1200W powerful motor, suitable for all terrains.

★ Motor Capacity: 1200W (Peak)
★ Riding Distance: 40-60 KM
★ Battery: 48V, 20AH (960Wh)
★ Net Weight: 30kg

F1 Off-road Electric Bike

Combining the appearance of an electric motorcycle with the lightness of an electric bicycle, it has powerful power and provides Environmental friendly riding.

★ Motor Capacity: 1000W (Peak)
★ Riding Distance: 38-60 KM
★ Battery: 48V, 15AH (720Wh)
★ Max Payload 120kg


Fast Free Shipping

Delivered from US local warehouse. Average delivery time 2-5 business days, free shipping by reliable carriers UPS, FedEx, or DHL.


2-Year Warranty

Freego guarantees your travel safety and provides 2 years warranty service to escort your travel.

Warranty info

Strength Factory

The strength of the source factory, more than 10 years of experience in electric vehicle technology, quality is trustworthy.

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