ebik Hydraulic Disc Brake Pads2
electric bicycle Hydraulic Disc Brake Pads
Electric bicycle wear-resistant brake pads
E-bike brake pads
DK200 brake pads
FB-20X brake pads
F series model brake pads

E-bike semi-metallic particles instant braking anti-friction brake pads

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  • Compact and Portable: Small, lightweight and portable, it does not take up space and can be placed anywhere. Light and durable, safe and secure.
  • Lightweight: These bike brake pads are light and thin and will not bring extra burden to your mountain bike, so the brake pads will not affect the riding speed.
  • High Performance: These bike disc brake pads have short running in period. The brake pad is stable, has small disc wear and comfortable braking feel.
  • Instant Braking: The bike brake pads use high performance semi metal particles, and synthetic fibers have high friction, which can achieve instant braking.
Type DBP-1 DBP-2 DBP-3
Size 27mm*32.5mm 31mm*35mm 21.5mm
Brake pad type Hydraulic Disc Brake Hydraulic Disc Brake Mechanic Disc Brake 
Gross Weight 33g  36g 16g
Material Metal Metal Metal
Suitable For All front and rear brakes of F-series (except F1) models DK200 Rear Brake
FB-20X Rear Brake
F1 Rear Brake
DK200 Front Brake
FB-20X Front Brake
F1 Front Brake


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