Winter biking tips

Winter Riding Tips

As winter approaches, snow is falling in most cities. For most bike riders, that means it's time to decide if you should store your e-bike or keep riding. And for those who decide to face the harsh weather and piled up snowy roads, it's important to know some basic winter riding safety tips as well as a few tips that will ensure your e-bike is properly maintained. Here are some essential winter tips for e-bikes to add to your safety on your winter riding trips!

Battery Maintenance

Cold weather is a factor that affects our riding range in winter. If it is cold outside, the battery needs to reach room temperature before charging, do not charge immediately after riding. We need to make sure the battery temperature is above freezing before charging is important , otherwise the battery may be damaged. Just be sure to let the battery warm up slowly before charging. When you ride in very cold weather, you will notice a drop in power and range; this is normal and expected. You can also help avoid this by bringing the battery indoors when not riding to maintain battery life as well as safety.

Choosing the right tires for cold conditions

In cold weather, the road surface will not only become smooth due to icing, and snow will accumulate. As our previous article introduced the advantages of fat tire e-bikes. Fat tire e-bikes can ride smoothly over rough terrain, including hills, rocky trails, unpaved roads and fields. These e-bikes can even handle ice, snow, mud, sand and surface water without sinking, slipping or getting stuck. The wide tires not only increase friction to be less likely to slip and make the rubber float on snow, but also increase traction on light roads, making for a safer ride.

Improve visibility at night

As we all know, when it starts to snow, our visibility will be reduced whether we are driving or riding a bike. When we ride, especially at night, we need to have a high brightness headlight to make sure we improve our visibility when riding, we need to be equipped with LED high brightness headlight to provide brighter and safer night riding, become the best guarantee for your night riding safety.

Winter maintenance

Proper storage of batteries and e-bikes is vital! Store your bike in a dry, clean and gentle place. You need to clean your bike after a winter ride. Try to let the bike dry, then use a wet brush to remove dirt from the frame, then wipe it down with a rag soaked in chain cleaner. Avoid using cleaners that will reduce the performance of brake pad lubricants.

 If you want to keep riding your e-bike throughout the winter, the above tips will give you some help! When you're ready, you can get on your e-bike and start a winter riding trip. If the weather is very bad, we don't recommend going out on an e-bike.

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