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Outdoor Cycling Gloves Are Waterproof And Warm In Autumn And Winter

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Freego outdoor autumn and winter cycling gloves are designed to keep your hands protected from the elements. The windproof and waterproof construction keeps your hands warm and dry, even in cold and wet conditions. The gloves are made of lightweight materials so they are comfortable to wear for long rides. Keep your hands safe and warm with Freego cycling gloves.

Type Outdoor Cycling Gloves
Palm width 8cm-9cm
Hand Circumference 19cm-20cm
Color Black

Touch Screen

Material Polyester

Double Waterproof

Made of high-density waterproof fabric, which is specially designed to repel water and prevent water from seeping through. With this advanced technology, you can say goodbye to damp gloves and hello to dry, comfortable hands. Whether you're facing heavy rain or wet snow, these gloves will keep your hands completely dry, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your outdoor experience.

Double waterproof
Touch screen

Fingertip Touch Screen

The gloves are made with advanced touch screen technology. They are embedded with conductive fibers that mimic the touch of a human finger. You can now keep your hands warm while still having full control of your device. These innovative gloves are designed to provide a seamless touchscreen experience, allowing you to easily navigate your phone's features.