How are we environmentally friendly?

How are electric scooters more environmentally friendly than gas-powered vehicles? Let’s consider three simple ways that electric scooters are green.

Reducing emissions

According to the EPA, the average passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Each year, millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide are produced by cars in the US alone. Compare that to zero emissions produced by operating an electric scooter, and there is an obvious winner.

Even if you factor in manufacturing, maintenance, and other emissions produced from a vehicle’s lifecycle, a car has nearly 7x the carbon dioxide output when compared to an electric scooter.

Saving energy with technology

Freego use LED lights that not only light up your ride effectively, but also use a very low amount of energy! 

Freego also use EBS (Electronic Braking System) technology which recycles up to 10% of the power back into the battery while braking. You can reduce your carbon footprint while riding, without even sparing a thought! That’s the power of environmentally friendly Freego electric scooters!

Our electric scooters inherently have fewer parts to replace, which means less maintenance and lower environmental impact.

Improving urban environments

Freego electric scooters are more quiet, which means they do not contribute to noise pollution in cities. This brings you closer to the world around you! You can feel more connected to your local neighborhoods and natural areas, without spoiling the experience due to a loud internal combustion engine.

Although cars can carry several passengers, the vast majority of drivers travel alone between work and home every day. In the US, over 76% of workers travel alone in a vehicle for their daily commute. Compared to riding an electric scooter, that is extremely inefficient! Cars, vans, and SUVs all require significantly more space compared to an electric scooter. This means more crowding on our roads, in parking lots, and throughout cities in general. During a pivotal time when personal space is valued so highly, less crowding in our urban environments is really important.

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