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Freego F3 Pro: The Ultimate Urban Commuter and Outdoor Adventure Companion


The emergence of e-bikes has brought convenience and fun to people. These e-bikes are more convenient to travel, less polluting to the environment, cheaper to operate, and easy to use. Combining these advantages, Freego has introduced the best model with excellent cost performance-Freego Shotgun F3 Pro!

Equipped with dual motors and dual batteries, the F3 Pro is a dual-battery, two-wheel drive e-bike. The dual motors increase the overall strength of the e-bike, making it faster and more powerful, while the dual batteries greatly increase the riding distance of the F3 Pro, making it more than enough for daily commuting and traveling, making it the ultimate companion for urban commuting and outdoor adventures! Here's a quick, in-depth look at the Freego F3 Pro e-bike, exploring its wealth of features as well as learning about Freego's upcoming F3 Pro Max.


What makes the F3 Pro the best, most cost-effective e-bike available? First let's take a look at its overall configuration.

Motor Power
The F3 Pro is equipped with two 1000W motors, providing excellent power and speed. These motors work together to provide an exhilarating riding experience. At the same time, the F3 Pro also uses dual motor mode, an innovative feature that allows riders to switch between single motor mode and dual motor mode at the touch of a button. In single motor mode, you can save battery life and enjoy an easier ride. Dual Motor Mode, on the other hand, unleashes the full power of both motors, delivering stunning acceleration and top speed.

 Long-lasting Battery
F3 Pro is equipped with two 48V 20Ah batteries, which have a long battery life. With this configuration, users can enjoy longer rides without worrying about running out of power. The dual battery setup ensures that F3 Pro can travel farther and provides Reliable and long-lasting ride. And F3 Pro Max takes battery capacity to a new level. It comes with a combination of 48V 20Ah battery and 48V 35Ah battery. This powerful battery setup not only extends the range, but also enhances the overall performance of the scooter. With the F3 Pro Max, riders can go further and conquer more challenging terrain without worrying about battery life.

Advanced Suspension System
Smooth rides are guaranteed with the F3 Pro Electric Bike's advanced suspension system. Whether you're cruising on city streets or exploring off-road trails, this bike absorbs shocks and bumps, providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Safer Brakes
Both the F3 Pro and F3 Pro Max are equipped with the latest brake system technology. It features innovative hydraulic brakes that deliver superior stopping power and control for a safer, more enjoyable ride. Unlike traditional mechanical brakes, which rely on cables and levers, hydraulic brakes use fluid pressure to transfer force from the brake lever to the caliper. This results in more responsive and powerful braking performance and can lead to greater safety for the rider!

In order for you to have a better understanding of the detailed configuration parameters of the F3 Pro and F3 Pro Max, I will provide you with a table for you to view. 

E-Bike Model

F3 Pro

F3 Pro Max

Price $ 2799 $ 3099
Motor Power
2000W  (1000W * 2) 2000W  (1000W * 2)
48V, 40AH (1920Wh) 48V, 55AH (2,640Wh)
Top Speed
Class 1/2: 20 MPH
Class 3: 28 MPH
Off Road: +++
Class 1/2: 20 MPH
Class 3: 28 MPH
Off Road: +++
At 3 different Speed Riding range (miles) Eco Mode :75miles
Standard Mode :50miles
Sports Mode :40miles
Eco Mode :103miles
Standard Mode :70miles
Sports Mode :55miles
20'' x 4" inch tire with inner tubes
20'' x 4" inch tire with inner tubes
45kg (99lb) 49kg (108lb)
Max Load
180kg (400lb) 180kg (400lb)
Package Weight
144*34*87cm, 50kg (110 lbs) 144*34*87cm, 54kg (119 lbs)
Transmission Gears
Single Gear
Single Gear
Brake System Front wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Rear wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Front wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Rear wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Lights Head light, Tail warning light Head light, Tail warning light
Recommended Height 5'3"-6'4" (160CM - 195CM) 5'3"-6'4" (160CM - 195CM)
Frame Material

High-strength Steel Pipe

High-strength Steel Pipe


 Next, let us understand the performance of F3 Pro and F3 Pro Max in speed and battery life!

In Class 3 mode, this mode is ideal for daily commutes and city trips. The speed of Class 3 mode is 20MPH-28MPH, optimized for city streets, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and safely. Off-road mode (Dual motor mode) If you are an adventurer and like to explore off-road terrain, then off-road mode is for you. This mode activates the dual motors and selects PAS Level 5 when operating at full throttle, and you get 34mph high speed and great acceleration to conquer rough terrain with ease. Off-Road mode has a higher speed than Level 3 mode, giving you the thrill and excitement of off-road riding. Finally there is ECO mode, which enables the single motor and adjusts PAS Level 2 to keep the average speed at 15-20mph.

Cruising range
When driving the F3 Pro with its 40Ah battery in Class 3 mode, you can cover an impressive range of 75 miles. On the other hand, the F3 Pro Max with its 55Ah battery will let you go even further, allowing you to ride for up to 103 miles. If you activate the ECO mode, the range of both electric bikes will be further increased. For those seeking to unleash the maximum performance of their e-bike, the F3 Pro with its 40Ah battery can still go 40 miles in off-road mode, while the F3 Pro Max with its 55Ah battery can go 55 miles. This kind of power and range must be the perfect companion for off-road adventures! Keep in mind that actual range may vary based on various factors including terrain, rider weight, weather conditions and riding style. However, you can trust that the F3 Pro and F3 Pro Max will give you a great riding experience and let you explore further than ever before! Don't let the fear of running out of battery hold you back!

YouTube influencers have taken notice of the F3 Pro Series and have shared their thoughts through review videos. Let's take a look at some of their insights:

In conclusion, both the F3 Pro Electric Bike and the F3 Pro Max are exceptional choices for electric bike enthusiasts. Whether you prioritize power, battery life, or budget, there's one to suit your needs. So, why wait? Experience the thrill of electric biking with the F3 Pro series today!

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