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Freego concept was created in 2012 by Mr. Kevin Chu who decided to dedicated to green energy personal transporters. At the first benginning, Freego brand was used for Self-balancing scooter including segway-style 2-6wheel balancing scooter, Solowheel and Hoverboards. Since 2015, we developed Portable Electric Kick Scooter and Electric Bikes. We have been produced and sold over 1,000,000 scooters and bikes in last 10 years.

At present, Freego is registered trademark in USA and Europe Union and Hongkong, Mainland China. In order to distinguish different product categories, we have registered several brands: iFreego, FreegoEV, SMTWHEELS and CEMORE

Freego: The main Brand of Freego Group
iFreego: registered in China for Mini Electric Bike market
FreegoEV: Registered in USA for Exclusive EV products
SMTWHEELS: Self-balancing wheels
CEMORE: Portable Power Stations and Portable Solar Panels

All above brands are Powered and Owned by Freego

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