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How to choose electric cargo bikes?

Electric cargo cycles are an amazing tool to make your lifestyle better! They fit seamlessly into business or home life, offering a wide range of styles and options. With the wide variety of cargo electric bikes available, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, so this article will bring you the highlights when selecting an electric cargo bike, so let's get started!

What is an electric cargo bike?

Electric cargo bikes are bikes designed specifically for transportation. They can carry up to 250 kg of cargo (goods, luggage or even people), which is equivalent to the luggage compartment of a regular small hatchback. Thanks to the addition of a pedal-assisted motor and battery system, electric cargo bikes can help you move cargo more easily than a regular cargo bike.Also known as electric utility bikes, these electric bikes offer businesses and families an easy, environmentally friendly way to transport goods - whether it's delivering a customer's order or taking the kids to school.

What are the benefits of electric cargo bikes?

Low-cost options. Fuel prices continue to rise, making motor vehicle use expensive. How much fuel does a cargo bike need? Zero. Even electric cargo bikes only need to recharge their batteries, which means you can still save a lot of money compared to a car. You don't have to buy gas, pay parking fees or road taxes, so you can save a ton of money.

Electric cargo cycles help the environment.

According to statistics, a cargo bike replacing a diesel vehicle can reduce carbon emissions by 5 tons per year. In addition to zero emissions, cargo bikes require only 5% of the materials and energy needed to build a car. They are a greener way to transport goods, help reduce pollution and traffic congestion, and switching to electric cargo bikes will improve the air quality of life. Maintain a low-carbon travel and green lifestyle.

What can you use an electric cargo bike for?

Electric cargo bikes are a truly versatile option, not just for fulfilling customer delivery orders, and can be used for a variety of scenarios for carrying heavy loads, most notably carrying cargo that is too heavy or bulky for a regular bicycle. An electric cargo bike is also a great for a family to carry the kids to school.Electric cargo bikes are also a good choice for shopping, and their ease of parking and navigation through crowded streets again makes them a good choice for car trips, and camping trips and other short trips are possible. In fact, electric cargo bikes can provide an alternative to the car for many users.

When we decide to buy an electric truck bike as a helper in our life, facing many bicycles with different performances on the market, we only need to pay attention to the following information and choose an electric truck bike that suits us according to our needs.

Battery range
The battery life of an electric cargo bike will have a direct impact on our travel or work experience, so be sure to choose a bike with the battery range you need, because the longer the range, the farther you can travel without recharging. Some bikes allow dual batteries - if you plan to travel long enough or don't want to recharge your batteries too often, this may be the right solution for you.

Motor power
Motor power is measured in watts, and the higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor. Generally speaking, electric cargo bikes will have higher wattage than normal electric bikes, and most of the cargo electric bikes are using about 750W motor power. When we use high power motor power electric cargo bike, it will give us strong power during our load or facing steep road to make sure we can finish the riding process smoothly.

It is very important to be able to match more bike accessories in the face of different riding scenarios. Consider your specific needs and choose an electric cargo bike with add-ons to make your ride more comfortable and convenient.

When we use electric cargo bikes that need to carry cargo or people, our electric cargo bikes are under more stress and we need to be able to stop more safely when faced with an emergency. Hydraulic disc brakes are great for this. Instead of using a standard mechanical cable to pull the caliper to the brake rotor, they are activated with hydraulic fluid, which creates more power and control.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to research, commuting by bike can improve cardiovascular function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, while cycling can also speed up our metabolism and make our own immune system stronger Whether it's a standard bike or an e-bike, bikes get people moving. In addition to the physical health benefits, riding a bike more often, even if it's just for commuting, can be good for your mental health.

All in all, there are more applications for which cargo e-bikes would be a good fit. Whether you are a company providing delivery services, a family needing to transport young children, or a rider who enjoys camping and riding, cargo e-bikes are a very good choice indeed.

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