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How Long Does an Electric Bicycle Last?

When you buy an electric bike of your own, you may ask yourself ...... "How long will this bike last? What can I do to maximize the life of my e-bike?"

Usually, e-bikes last about ten years, but the number of years can be low or high, depending on a variety of factors. E-bikes have many structural components similar to regular bikes, such as gears, brakes , which makes it easy to learn how to take care of our e-bikes and maintain the e-bike components to maximize the life of the e-bike. This article raises the question of how long an e-bike lasts and discusses some common factors that may affect the life of an e-bike, such as battery, quality and durability, maintenance, and environmental factors. Let's take a look.


In general, an e-bike battery will last about 800 to 900 charges and will last about three to five years. After that time, your e-bike will still have power, but it will be less efficient. However, in many cases, if your e-bike is in perfect condition, your e-bike battery can even last up to 8 years. Considering the cost of replacement, make sure you take care of your battery. Don't let it get too cold - sub-zero temperatures can permanently damage the battery. We've talked about e-bike range and battery care in a previous post!


Usually, the motor of an e-bike lasts more than 10,000 km, which is longer than other e-bike components. To avoid motor failure, please do not leave your e-bike outside in the rain, proper care and maintenance will help extend the life of the motor.


An average e-bike chain should be able to cover 3000-5000 miles. Depending on your riding habits during daily rides and how often you use your pedals, the chain life may fluctuate by about 20-50%. We must lubricate the chain regularly, this will help us to reduce the damage of chain and gear friction, and also increase our experience of using pedals in riding!


A good set of brakes can last up to 4,000 miles. Again, it depends on the strength and intensity of your brakes, and there is a big difference here. If you have disc brakes, you need to do a brake pad check around 1,500 km and when they are badly worn, we need to replace them in time! When you have better hydraulic brakes, we need to regularly check if the brake fluid is leaking. If the brake fluid is leaking, please wipe up the leaking brake fluid and go to a repair store to find out the cause and repair it in time. We also need to regularly replace the brake fluid, determine whether the brake fluid level is lower than the minimum line, check the friction pads and brake discs wear condition, etc.


The service life of e-bike tires ranges widely, depending on the type of tires. Ordinary bicycle tires can travel about 2,000 - 4,800 km, and 20" fat tires can travel about 4,000 - 6,000 km. We need to pump up the tires regularly, and if we feel that the air pressure of the tires is not enough, we should replenish it in time to keep the consistency of the tire pressure of the front and rear wheels. Because the tire pressure is low, the tire is easy to wear, which will reduce the service life of the tire; and if the tire pressure is too low and completely dry in the rear tire to continue driving, it is easy to cause tire scrap or even lead to motor deformation. Because tires are rubber products, do not stick to oil, kerosene, gasoline and other oils in the ride to prevent the rubber from aging and deterioration. At the same time the electric car in the case of long-term non-use, first of all, to ensure that the tires in a dry environment, to avoid a humid environment to accelerate tire aging.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and exposure to the elements can affect your e-bike's battery and seriously impact its lifespan. In every season, you must be careful to protect your e-bike from environmental damage, otherwise your bike may not perform at its best because rusty parts wear out faster. For example, we need to use a dry rag to clean our e-bikes during rainy periods and we need to keep our e-bikes in a dry condition at all times.


When we do these factors in our daily life, we can better extend the service life of our electric bicycle. Conversely, when we can't focus on every detail, resulting in a problem with one of the accessories of our electric bike bicycle, it's time we need to do a major inspection of our electric bike and replace the damaged parts to ensure the safety of the electric bike as well as your riding in time! The above is about the life of the electric bike, although the electric bike is designed to withstand all the factors and seasons, but a little maintenance can extend the life of the bike, I hope you have a happy riding life!

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