Electric bikes are among others one of the hot vehicles to move across the city, in this article, we are going to guide you thought the full reviews made by real people that bought the Freego DK200 and saw some key points of usage.

Disclaimer: This article’s purpose is to help you to make a better decision, based on the concept of real people, most likely the opinion’s reviewers featured in this article, are opinions on their own.

The FreeGo latest and most Popular Electric Bikes; You can travel anywhere with the FreeGo EV DK200 Electric Mountain Bikes.

FreeGo EV Electric Bikes Brand is an outstanding big firm in the cycling world.

The FreeGo EV DK200 electric bikes from FreeGo EV have a straightforward design and a sturdy triangular aluminum frame. It contains a 48V, 20Ah lithium battery and an effective 750W brushless motor. Additionally, it has an 8-speed gearbox that makes shifting easy and helps us climb high hills. More of your everyday travel, trips will be satisfied

The FreeGo EV DK200 ebike is professionally manufactured and has a good quality. The ebike responded quickly when there was a problem with the battery during delivery and when setting up the e-bike for greater speeds, which required a new code. The ebike has a single speed, 180mm discs, hydraulic brakes, and classic front fork suspension. The bike seat's foam padding is pleasant. Bright front and rear lights that are integrated Battery with a 48volt capacity of 20ah.

FreeGo EV ebikes is an expert brand of Shenzhen Changxing modern Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd With sub-brands including Tomofree, Ifeego, and FreeGo EV, it is the largest e-bike trade firm in China and manufactures a wide variety of e-bikes. They guarantee to sell all-electric bicycles with a lifetime warranty and claim that they have designed each of their goods themselves.

E-bike owners will use their FreeGo EV DK200 models a lot more frequently than owners of traditional bicycles. They gain the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and attention when they needed it without being tired out, sweating and unpleasant when they reach their goal.

They are appropriate for a variety of people, including tourists who don't want to run to work.

All of the FreeGo EV DK200 e-bikes have aluminum frames that were specifically designed to keep them as light as possible. Of course, these frames also support the additional weight of the battery and motor, but with a wide range of speeds, this won't influence the ride.


Bike Type:-

Electric Bike

Brand Name:  -

FreeGo EV

Age Range:-


Model Name:-‎


Model Year:-


Suggested Users:-



‎All Mountain



Wheel Size:-

20 Inch

Brake System:-

Dual Disc Brake(Hydraulic)

Motor Power:-


Max Load:-

120KG (264.5 LBS)

Battery Capacity :-

48V, 20Ah Lithium battery

Suspension Type:-

Rear, Front


1 year

Charging Time



35KG (77 LBS)

Max Speed:-



Tail warning light, Head light

Included Components:-

Electric bike charger

Product dimension:-

93*170*73CM  (36.6*66.9*28.7 Inch)

Motor Type:-

Rear Hub Motor

Maximum Range:-

60-70km (30-50 miles)

Transmission Gears:-

8 Speed

Tires Size:-


Tire Type:-

4.0 Fat Tires

Frame Material

Steel &  Aluminum Alloy

Motor Type:-

High Speed Brushless

Handle Grip


Braking Distance

5 m

Motor Driven

Rear drive


Click here for full video of Dk200 Specifications



Charger And Batteries

Rear Rack

Owner's Manual

20"*4 Fat Tires

Delivered Fully Assembled

Integrated Front Light And Tail Light

Integrated Display


Large Battery At 20ah

Frame Seems Well Built

Twist Throttle Works Well. Click here for full video


No Rear Suspension

Stock Seat Pretty Narrow

Single Speed

Headlight Mount Flimsy

Battery Fall Off. Click here for full video


  • 750W NOMINAL Brushless Motor

The FreeGo EV DK200 ebikes are operated by a highly effective brushless DC motor with an inbuilt switch that has a peak power output of up to 1200 watts. Click here for full video

The FreeGo ebike's secure 750W NOMINAL (960Wh) rear motor is intended to provide you with a trip that is faster, stable, and excited as well as the great challenges of off-road sports riding. click here to watch the full video

  • 20" Inflatable Fat Tire

The FreeGo EV DK200 electric bikes come with a new jiluer tire. The new Jiluer tire, which measures 4.0 inches wide, is the widest and the most extreme 20-inch all-terrain tire in its category. To satisfy the expectations of the whole road vehicle, Jiluer is the first tire to integrate the techniques used in the manufacture of motorcycle and bicycle tires.

The 20*4 inch thick tire provides a greater surface area in contact with the ground, increasing the friction coefficient and enhancing riding stability and safety in the snow and mountains. Click here for full video

  • Integrated Cable Routing

Internal cable routing on the FreeGo DK200 helps to protect and hide wires inside the frame, reducing wire clutter. Click here for full video

  • Hydraulic Disc Brake

With just one finger for the excellent choice and feel, make it simple to adjust the brake and shifter for optimal control. Click here for full video

  • Suspension Fork

On FreeGo EV e-bikes, the front suspension is a standard feature. FreeGo EV DK200 e-bikes also feature brilliant responses for amazingly efficient pressure relief. You ride in enjoyment and with ease thanks to it. Click here for full video

  • Seat

Two people can ride together in a double seat which is excellent. Click here for the full video

  • DK200 Battery (Replaceable Lithium Battery)

The inbuilt 48V 20AH lithium battery provides sufficient power for a day of the tour and your daily necessities, with a riding range of up to 50–100 km. Using the key, remove the battery, and then conveniently charge it at work or at home. Click here for the video

  • High-Intensity Headlight

The FREEGO EV DK200 electric bike headlight is superior to standard 48V headlights in that it is extremely bright, illuminating dark roads and ensuring safety as you ride at night. It dissipates heat more effectively and is simple to turn on and off. Regarding nighttime riding, have no fear. click here for full video

  • Multi-function Screen

An excellent multi-function display for keeping track of time, speed, mileage, and battery life. Your ride can be monitored in perfect sync. Click here for full video

  • Anti-Skid Handbrake

Use a handle with a spiral number of considerations to reduce the chance of injury, increase performance with a wide communication range, and prevent an unexpected accident. Click here for full video

  • Aluminum Alloy Frame

Steel is heavier and weaker than the FreeGo DK200 aluminum alloy frame. Additionally, DK200 aluminum is unaffected by corrosion and rust and therefore can move easily. Click here for full video


  • You Can Achieve More Ride With Less Effort

If you believed it would be difficult to bike to work, think twice! The FreeGo EV DK200 electric bike's assistance allows you to do much more than you may imagine. Different levels of assistance on speed commuting FreeGo EV e-bikes allow you to strengthen your bike by going farther and quicker without getting tired.

Additionally, since it can travel quicker than a normal bicycle and travel greater distances, weekend trips are made even more satisfying. So you won't have to worry about being late whether you're going to work or seeing colleagues on the other side of the street! Click here for full video

“If you believed it would be difficult to bike to work, think twice! The FreeGo EV DK200 electric bike's assistance allows you to do much more than you may imagine.”

  • Save Time... And Not Just Because It's Faster!

Although FreeGo EV DK200 e-bikes have a classic appearance, they are speedier and can drastically shorten trip times. Electric pedal assist on the FreeGo EV DK200 e-bikes gives you the extra push you need to ride at the chosen speed.

Since everyone has a different preferred speed, Current FreeGo EV Dk200 e-bikes provide many pedals assist settings, including “sport," "normal," and “eco." This implies that you can easily and at your own speed acquire the increase you desire.

FreeGo EV Dk200 e-bikes provide many pedals assist settings, including “sport," "normal," and “eco." This implies that you can easily and at your own speed acquire the increase you desire.

The only other factor that reduces your travel time is speed. With the FreeGo EV DK200 electric bike, you can escape heavy traffic and time-consuming parking; additionally, since you don't perspire while riding, you won't need to bathe when you get there. Consider the time you have available to you: you can spend more time at the gym during lunch, more time in bed in the morning, and more time getting a drink after work. These FreeGo EV ebikes are helpful to both parties. Click here for full video

  • Charges Like A Smartphone

If you've never used a FreeGo EV e-bike before, you might be interested to know how to charge one. Actually, charging your phone, headphones, smartwatch or is not all that different from this. Carefully connect the charger to the battery, switch it on, and then remove the charger from the battery.

So Easy! Although super-fast batteries can charge in as short as three hours, a complete charge typically takes five to eight hours. Additionally, you can always use the battery before it has fully charged if you're in a rush.

The FreeGo EV DK200 electric bike usually has a range of 60–70 km (30–50 miles) on a full charge, depending on a number of conditions as well as the battery model. Try riding in a lower gear, utilizing a lower assist level, and finding the correct gears to extend your range.  It's still a bike, after all, if you run out of power while riding. It was still perfect for you to peddle!

  • It's Safe

Speed is not the only thing to keep in mind when riding your FreeGo EV DK200 electric bike. Obviously, speed is important when moving from point A to point B, but safety always comes first. Your commute may be both fast and safe with the appropriate gear and safety protocols!

Use eye-catching clothing that is colorful, bright, and sparkling. Always wear a helmet that fits perfectly and makes you as visible to the environment as possible. The Appearance of Safety.

  • Really, Really Convenient

You shouldn't be shocked if riding the FreeGo EV DK200 electric bike represents one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. FreeGo EV seats feature an anti-pressure component, are lightweight, and are water resistant.

The FreeGo EV DK200 e-bike isn't tough to ride, despite its weight, which you might be wondering. You are protected by FreeGo Brand! A "pedal assist" feature that the FreeGo EV DK200 electric bike has allowed you to push the bike up hills or past hazards without having to get off. The bike is made easier to handle thanks to this innovation, which supports the weight of the vehicle. Click here for full video

  • FreeGo Gears Are Simple To Use

A normal bike has technical gear that makes riding simple, from maintaining traveling efficiency to climbing hills. The FreeGo EV DK200 e-bike includes assisted Gear in addition to these mechanical gears, bringing the total number of gears on the bike up. For instance, the FreeGo EV DK200 e-bike has a total of 24 gears/speeds thanks to its eight mechanical gears, three derailleurs, and auxiliary transmission.

Selecting a suitable gear is simple for beginners. Start in the lowest gear the one with the least amount of resistance to pedaling, making it simple to pedal and gradually pick up speed as you move forward. But keep in mind that you might wish to downshift to a lighter gear when climbing a hill or slowing down. Click here for full video

  • Is Effective

You might be surprised to learn that cycling uses less energy than walking does to cover a mile. One of the most effective ways to travel is on a FeeGo DK200 ebike. According to studies, walking might be up to five times more efficient than riding. And a standard bike without pedal assistance falls into this category.

Imagine how much less energy you need with the FreeGo EV DK200 electric bike to get that extra boost. After all, it's your ride, not a HIIT workout; you deserve an extra boost along the way! But if you're looking for more of a challenge, you can disable the assist feature at any time and pedal the old-fashioned way. Click here for full video

  • It's Awesome

Times have changed from the days when people cared what kind of car you drove. You can tell a lot about who you are and what matters to you by the way you move. It's not just practical to travel on the FreeGo EV DK200 e-bike; it also demonstrates your concern for the environment.

The FreeGo EV DK200 electric bikes are without a doubt the best option for your everyday commute, and I don't say that just because I'm enthusiastic. The FreeGo EV electric bike may make traveling to shopping, work, or socializing with others efficient, healthful, and most importantly, a lot of fun. Click here for full video

If there's still a need from your side to get help using or acquiring our model you can shoot us a message over the chat. And also you can contact us to and we will be able to support you.


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  • Craig Carney

    I have the Freego DK200. This bike gets me from A-Z with a true smile on my face . It is a joy to ride, along with an old school design, it flows down the road with ease. I needed a replacement part recently and I was able to talk with someone person to person. The gentleman’s name is Kevin Chu. He asked me for photos of the bike and part so it could be replaced properly. It was a pleasure and a relief knowing Kevin Chu was taking care of me. Thank You Sir, I will be purchasing more of these Freego DK 200 bikes in the near future. Thanks again for your professionalism and proficiency, Craig Carney.

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