Freego Repair Service Center


A one-stop repair, replacement and maintenance service platform.

Online Repair Process

Request Service → Send Your Product → Assessment and Repair → Receive Your Product

Repair Request

Please answer the questions below in MESSAGE area.
1. What is the reason for requesting a replacement?
2. How did you damage your electric scooter?

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1) Request Service: Describe the product's issue and provide your information. A service case will be generated automatically for you.
2) Send Your Product: You will receive details for shipping the product to us based on your region.
3) Assessment and Repair: The FREEGO Repair Center will assess your product and send you a quotation. The repair process for your product will begin after you've made the payment.*
4) Receive Your Product: The FREEGO Repair Center will send the repaired or replacement product to your address.
*If the assessment shows that FREEGO is responsible for the product's issue under warranty, your product will be repaired or replaced for free.

It takes approx. 5-7 business days to repair your product after arriving at the FREEGO Repair Center. You will receive an email notification after each step of the service process is complete.

You can check the repair progress by contacting FREEGO Support.