Nachbike S1 Motorcycle electric bicycle
Nachbike S1 1400W moto power black electric bicycle
Nachbike S1 Motorcycle e-bike
Nachbike S1 Motorcycle Electric Bike 1400W Poweful Motor

Nachbike Swift S1 Motorcycle Electric Bike

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E-Bike Model
Nachbike S1
Motor Power
850W(nominal), 1400W(peak)
48V, 22.5AH (1080Wh)
Top Speed
Class 1/2: 20 MPH
Class 3: 28 MPH
Off Road: +++
50-80km (31-49 Miles)
20 x 4 inches fat tires
35KG (77 LBS)
Max Load
330 lbs (150kg)
Package Size
142 x 30 x 87CM
Transmission Gears
SHIMANO 7 Speed Gears
Brake System Front wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Rear wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Lights Head light, Tail warning light
Frame Material High-strength Steel Pipe



1. 20"x4" fat tires*2
2. Battery Pack and charger
3. Pedals*2
4. Front light
5. Bicycle frame
6. Owner's manual


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The Nachbike S1 motorcycle e-bike offers an 850W (nominal) motor with a peak power of up to 1400W, optimized for agility and speed. Its special design has a motorcycle-like look and feel, perfect for getting around town with ease. Get ready to ride with confidence and style.

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SHIMANO 7 Speed Gears

The Nachbike S1 is equipped with a SHIMANO 7-speed gear system. The SHIMANO 7-speed gears allow you to shift into larger gears for uphill riding and downshift to smaller gears for high-speed riding. When combined with pedal assist, you can easily adjust the perfect speed for your ride.

Nachbike S1 SHIMANO 7 Speed Gears
Nachbike S1 Unique Motorcycle Appearance

Unique Motorcycle Appearance

The Nachbike S1 employs a distinctive motorcycle design and a powerful 1400W high-performance motor to evoke the true sensation of motorcycle riding for every rider. Additionally, the S1 is equipped with a new ergonomic seat, ensuring a high level of comfort for riders during their journeys.

Nachbike S1 48V 22.5AH Removable Battery

Removable Battery

The Nachbike S1 comes with a 48V 22.5AH removable battery, offering exceptional endurance. Riders have the flexibility to remove the battery for charging at any time and place. Furthermore, the easy portability allows users to take it with them when the e-bike is unattended, reducing the risk of theft or vandalism.

Nachbike S1 High Intensity Headlight

High Intensity Headlight

Ensuring your safety and visibility, a high-intensity headlight is essential. These headlamps emit a powerful beam, illuminating the road ahead to help you spot obstacles and hazards. Additionally, they enhance your peripheral vision, enabling quick reactions to unexpected situations.

electric bike lcd display

Multifunctional LCD Display

The electric bike's multi-function LCD display enhances your riding experience by offering a variety of features. This display allows you to effortlessly monitor your speed, distance traveled, and battery level. Having access to this crucial information is instrumental in optimizing your performance and working towards your fitness goals.

Nachbike S1 20 x 4 inches fat tires

20" Inch Fat Tire

The Fat 20 x 4-inch tires not only enhance stability but also improve traction. The wider tire surface area offers a superior grip on loose or uneven surfaces such as sand, snow, or gravel. These tires are especially well-suited for adventure riders who enjoy exploring off-road routes or tackling unpredictable weather conditions.

Top Speed

28 MPH


49 miles!


850W(nominal), 1400W(peak)