What is the 4th Generation Electric Scooter?

What is the 4th Generation Electric Scooter?

With development of Electric Scooters, we can see hundreds of e-Scooter Models from internet. Some are cheap and some are expensive.
Some are small and light and some are heavier and looks large. Some only moves 25Km/h while some can go more than 100km/h. Do you know the difference? Today let me tell you more about the development of Electric Scooter.

In the past 10 years, most scooters were used for kids and extreme sports. They are not Battery-operated..We call it the 1st generation.
Since 2013, some battery-operated scooters appear on the market because of "last mile transportation" concept.

In 2016, The most typical representative for the 2nd Generation e-scooter is Carbon fiber e-Scooter. it is only 7.1kg and sell good and became more popular in 2016-2017. At the same time bad news came too. Many scooters were broken and damaged by users because they are not designed with durable and strong materials. More and more stronger scooters took over the carbon fiber.. In this moment, Xiaomi eScooter was launched on the market. It was designed elegant and cheap..More and more small factories started to copy Xiaomi Model M365.

In 2018, Bird uses M365 for Sharing rental business but they realized quickly that M365 is not strong enough when there are too much damages happen. In that situation, Freego develope V3, V4.2 which is exclusive for Sharing business. Freego sharing scooters are selling good and 50,000 scooters were sold in 2019 because of strong and durable design. This is called the 3rd Generation.

After the 3rd generation, COVID-19 came. The deminding of personal transporter was growing... More and more copies started to flood the market because many small startup factories joined in. Xiaomi copy is everywhere because it is cheap and easy to get parts to assemble. Compared to sharing scooters, personal scooters are easier to sell and the quantity is still growing up. Most resellers want cheap but good quality. Therefore, Freego R & D team spent 6 months to study and research the market to seek solutions how to save cost and improve the quality. Finally we did it. We use Steel to replace Aluminium alloy while Aluminum cost is growing up and supply is shortage. In order to meet Westerner weight (average 80-90kg), we had to use 500W motor. We saved cost from Frame and use the money for improving motor quality and configuration. After testing, we found 48V is more powerful than 36V and at the same time we take the idea from Freego sharing scooter V4.6 and we use same suspension fork in our latest Personal Scooter Model E10 Pro. Finally Freego 4th Generation eScooter, Model E10 Pro, was born.

In order to distinguish between low-end scooters and high-end scooters, we classify the products according to their use scenarios, users and mileage.
City Commute: For those who live in downtown and use e-scooters only for 1-5km distance. Must be light weight, portable and easy to storgae.
Suburb Leisure: Go faster (25-40km/h) and go further (30km+). Do not worry about speed limit. Most are used in countryside or Suburban areas.
Wild Off-road: Go fast (40km/h +) ,even more than 100km/h. Only for fun but it is dangerous too.

For the 4th generation, most users focus on quality, durablity, powerful. Therefore, branding and services are becoming more important than ever.
See Freego Latest Personal Scooter Model E10 Pro.

·Motor power 500W (average), 800W (peak)
·24.8 mph Max. Speed
·24.8 Miles Range
·220 lbs (100 kg) Max Payload
·Fast Charging Technology
·Electric Brake + Mechanical Brake
·24% Hill Grade
·Built-In Front LED Lights
·Inflation Free Tire with Hollow Maintenance Free
·IP54 Water Resistence

1. Upgraded Premium Smart e-Scooter: Go faster than most scooters
E10 Pro can go 40km/h on flat floor no matter you are 50kg or 120kg while most exsiting eScooters can only go 25km/h.

2. High quality motor 500W @48V makes More powerful
No matter you speed up or go uphills, you will feel E10 Pro is more powerful than Xiaomi M365 or Ninebot Max.
A ride of 93Kg riding E10 Pro can go 15km/h on a hill of 20% while most eScooters can only go 8km/h or less. As we know if the speed is lower than 6km/h, the wheels only move very slowly and almost stop.

3. Confortable Riding with Excellent Front Suspension
We created excellent Front Suspension which can greatly reduce vibration during riding. It delivers an excellent riding experience and it can also protect
scooter and expand its lifespan.

4. E10 Pro is more durable and safer
We use High strength steel tube to replace Alumimum Alloy. The core parts of the scooter is its frame (main body) and its stem (most important)
99% scooter accidents happened because of stem break during fast moving riding. At the same time, High strength steel tube is also helpful for suspension because of its material toughness

5. Smart APP and Front & Rear lights

6. Freego Warranty
2-year limited manufacturer warranty, supplied by Freego  (2 years coverage on the bodywork, 6 months on the electronics and 30 days on wear and tear components)

Riding electric scooters would be a much more environmentally friendly solution instead of bulky, loud vehicles that still only carry one passenger.
As we all know that electric scooters are environmentally friendly. After all, they help to reduce emissions, save energy through the use of Green technology, and improve urban environments as well.

However, there are important factors to consider with an electric scooter purchase. Check out our tips on how to choose the best electric scooter for you, or even test drive one to see if you enjoy the experience. Together, Freego can continue improving our urban and natural environments through more eco-friendly transportation options.

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