Best Electric Scooter Review

Best Electric Scooter Review

It is well known that electric scooters are a cleaner, greener and more sustainable way to commute. And they can save commuters time and money in less widely used and widely congested areas like major cities where public transportation is not as widely available. They can also help you limit your carbon footprint and minimize air pollution and road congestion. And, like the best e-bikes, they will get you out of the artificial air environment and into the fresh, natural air again.

In this post we will give you the most popular electric scooter of Freego: Freego F12.


Type Freego F12
Motor Power 500W
Battery 48V, 15Ah
Range 45-50km (28-32 Miles)
Tires 12''
Hill Climbing 20°
Brake System Rear Disc Brake
Lamp Head light, Tail warning light
Net Weight 20KG (44 LBS)
Charging Time 7-8 Hours
Front Suspension YES
Max Load 120KG (264.5 LBS)


As the Freego F12 parameter sheet suggests, while the Freego F12 electric scooter can't be used to replace a car or public transportation, it can be an economical and convenient option for short trips around the community, running errands and commuting to work. the Freego F12 electric scooter is a great blend of style and function, providing modern riders with a stylish riding experience. It's affordable and some of the specs on this scooter are only available on the higher priced models.

The F12 has a wide deck and can easily stand in a staggered position or side-by-side. It can support riders weighing up to 265 pounds, Can travel approximately 32 miles on a full charge. the F12 takes approximately 7-8 hours to complete a full charge. The F12 also has large 12-inch pneumatic tires for increased friction with ground contact and a large 12-inch area for excellent traction and stability, providing an easy and smooth ride.With a 500W brushless motor and a powerful 48V, 15Ah range battery, it really gives you the feeling of riding a mini-motorcycle!

Freego F12 Pros

Freego F12 Cons

tickiconIt has a large 12-inch tire

tickicon Features a spacious deck

tickiconIt has good front suspension

tickicon It has an easy folding design

tickicon The battery charges quickly


red LCD display is not advanced enough


red Unstable power on high slopes


 There were very many YouTuber who participated in our Freego F12 test and all were very impressed with the electric scooter. Overall the Freego F12 electric scooter is an affordable scooter. In the same price range of electric scooters, it has a higher configuration than them, and the riding condition will be more stable and excellent.

Youtuber: Electric Scooter Academy (Excellent influencer in the field of electric scooter

Youtuber: Shiva Sapkota  (Excellent influencer in the field of electric scooters)

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